This list will be updated as changes to the software environment on Flux change.

Date Change
22 Feb 2017 SAS 9.4 TS1M4 was installed and a module added for it to correct for missing PROC EXPORT features in the earlier installation. This is also an update with bug fixes, and all users are encouraged to use it in preference to the prior installation. We will make this the default version Apr 27, 2017, at the conclusion of the Winter academic semester. The new version can be loaded with

$ module load sas/9.4-TS1M4
11 Feb 2017 Matlab R2013b was installed per a user request. It is not configured to use the MDCS. That is, it can only use parallel workers using the local profile, which restricts it to use on a single, physical node.
11 Jan 2017 The operating system upgrade raised an incompatibility with only the version 16 family of Intel compilers, which were the default version. New software would not compile, though it seems in our testing, that compiled software will run. It is only compilation that is affected. We updated to the 2017 version Intel compilers and rebuilt the most common supporting software. The following are now the Intel default module versions.
Please change any module load commands to reflect these changes.