HPC 101 — High Performance Computing Workshop


This workshop will provide a brief overview of the components of the Flux Cluster. The main body of the workshop will cover the resource manager and scheduler, creating submissions scripts to run jobs and the options available in them, and hands-on experience. By the end of the workshop, every participant should have created a submission script, submitted a job, tracked its progress, and collected its output. Participants will have several working examples from which to build their own submissions scripts in their own home directories.


A user account on Flux. If you do not have a Flux user account, click here to go to the account application page at: https://arc-ts.umich.edu/fluxform/

An activated MToken. You need to obtain an MToken and activate it. Visit Obtaining, Activating, and Using an MToken for instructions.

See below for more information about the Flux account and MToken.

HPC 100 or equivalent. This course assumes familiarity with the Linux command line.


Bennet Fauber
Scientific Applications Analyst
Advanced Research Computing — Technology Services

Bennet Fauber is a member of the technical team that administers the Flux cluster.


In-class handouts

Supplementary materials

Course Preparation

In order to participate successfully in the workshop exercises, you must have a Flux user account, a Flux allocation (one is created for each workshop), and an MToken. The user account allows you to log in to the cluster, create, compile, and test applications, and prepare Flux jobs for submission. The allocation allows you to submit those jobs, executing those applications in parallel on the cluster and charging their resource use against the allocation. A token is required to authenticate you to the cluster.

Flux user account

A single Flux user account can be used to prepare and submit jobs using various allocations. If you already already possess a user account, you can use it for this course, you can skip to “Flux allocation” below. If not, please visit https://arc-ts.umich.edu/fluxform to obtain one. A user account is free to members of the University community. Please note that obtaining an account requires human processing, so be sure to do this at least two business days before class begins.

Flux allocation

We create an allocation for the workshop so you can run jobs on the cluster during the workshop and for one day after for those who would like additional practice. The workshop allocation is quite limited and is intended only to run examples to help you cement the details of job submission and management. If you already have an existing Flux allocation, you can use that, though if there are any issues with that allocation, we will ask you to use the workshop allocation.


An MToken (hardware or software) is required to log in to the cluster. When logging in, you will need to give both the passcode it displays at time of login as well as your UMICH password in order to authenticate. If you already have an MToken, you can ignore the rest of this section.

If you need an MToken, follow the instructions at Obtaining, Activating, and Using an MToken.

Activate and test your MToken before you come to class.

Laptop Preparation

The classroom contains Windows computers, which require your uniqname and UMICH password to login, and which have all necessary software preloaded.

If you want to use a laptop for the course, you are welcome to do so. However, if there are problems connecting your laptop, you will be asked to switch to the provided computer for the class. We will try to help resolve issues after the workshop.

If you want to try to prepare your laptop for use in the class, please see our web page on Preparing your laptop to use Flux.

More help

Please use our class mailing list hpc101course@umich.edu for questions, comments, or to seek further assistance.