A consulting company called Enthought creates an installer bundle for the three main operating systems – Linux, OS X, and Windows – that contains Python and a large collection of libraries. Originally, it was called the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD), and that is the module name, but recently they have renamed it Canopy.

These installer bundles are available free to use for people at academic institutions for instruction, research, and independent learning; commercial use (developing products or paid services) is not allowed.

Installing additional Python packages is done the same way for EPD/Canopy as for the Python compiled from source.

To use the EPD/Canopy, use

$ module load python-epd

Anaconda Python (Continuum)

Continuum Analytics is another consulting company, founded by some of the same people who founded Enthought, that provides an installer called Anaconda for multiple operating systems that includes many libraries. We have installed two expanded versions of this package to provide Python 2 and Python 3, both with many extra scientific Python packages beyond the already-large set that are included by default with Anaconda Python.

To use the Anaconda distribution, use either

$ module load python-anaconda3


$ module load python-anaconda2

Please note that a special Anaconda version of R may be included as a part of the Anaconda Python software modules due to the Anaconda Python modules containing Bioconda.  Most researchers will instead want to use the Flux-specific version of R installed in its own software module — if you are using both Python and R at the same time, be sure to load the Anaconda Python module first and the R software module second in order to ensure that you get the correct version of R.