Globus is a robust cloud-based file transfer service designed to move many large files, ranging from 10s of GBs to 10s of TBs. ARC-TS is a Globus Provider for the U-M community, which allows some U-M resources to serve as endpoints for file transfers.

The standard features of Globus include:

  • Transfers faster than SCP/SFTP (usually by a factor of two)
  • Automatic restarts or continuation when transfers are disrupted
  • Background transfers so users need not remain logged in to a system
  • Transfers of large files between your laptop/desktop and servers via Global Connect Personal
  • Data publication and discovery capabilities.

U-M’s Globus Provider status adds these features:

  • Sharing of server directories/folders with non-U-M collaborators who are also Gloobus users (for transfer/copy purposes, not shared use of server)
  • Sharing of directories/folders from laptops/desktops via Globus Plus account upgrade.

For more information on Globus, visit its website.

Sharing a MiStorage/NFS Volume

To enable sharing of a volume on MiStorage, a request must be made to the ITS service desk by calling 4-HELP or emailing The following information should be included:

  • MiStorage volume name
  • list of all users who need access via Globus

To add or remove users, email or call 4HELP with:

  • MiStorage volume name
  • list of users to be added or removed.

The MiStorage/NFS Volume endpoint name is umich#its-storage and once you authenticate to that endpoint within the Globus Web interface  you will see the Volume name directory listed.

Upgrading to Globus Plus

Globus users at U-M can have their standard Globus account upgraded to a Globus Plus account via the web interface.  Plus account holders can share folders via Globus Connect Personal.

Please be sure you have your set as your contact email address in your profile.

  1. click on username menu top right
  2. Choose Globus Plus
  3. Choose get Globus Plus or if already a Plus member with another institution choose add another provider
  4. Find and click radio box for “University of Michigan” in the list.  Advanced research computing will be notified of your request after clicking Continue.

Current users, login here:


Order Service

To start using Globus, visit the Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide for Researchers.

To enable sharing of an existing endpoint, ARC-TS must clone it for management under umich#. The system administrator or owner must email to ask that the endpoint be managed by umich# to enable sharing.

The request must include:

  • endpoint name = xxxx#yyyy to umich#yyy
  • short description (including contact name and email)
  • specifying whether endpoint should be public or private
  • default directory that will cover home directory and all others that authenticated users can access
  • identity provider (i.e., “none” or “MyProxy/MyProx-OAuth” for U-M Shibboleth.)
  • server name (i.e.,

The system administrator should also:

  • edit the configuration file at /etc/globus-connect-server.conf to set the following option:
  • [GridFTP] Sharing = True
  • review the configuration file for other relevant parameters (for example, consider setting “SharingRestrictPaths’ to restrict what users can share.
  • run GCS setup command again to read new configuration: # globus-connect-server-setup

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