ARC-TS Storage

Several levels of data storage are provided with an allocation of ARC-TS HPC services, varying by capacity, I/O rate, and longevity of storage.

Locker Large-File Storage

Locker is a cost optimized, high-capacity, large file storage service for research data.

The Cavium ThunderX Cluster

The Cavium Thunder X Hadoop cluster is a next-generation Hadoop cluster.

Yottabyte Research Cloud

The Yottabyte Research Cloud is a partnership between ARC and Yottabyte that provides U-M researchers with high performance, secure and flexible computing environments enabling the analysis of sensitive data sets restricted by federal privacy laws, proprietary access agreements, or confidentiality requirements.


Flux is the shared, Linux-based high-performance computing (HPC) cluster available to all researchers at the University of Michigan.


Open Storage Research Infrastructure (OSiRIS) is a collaboration between U-M, Wayne State University, Michigan State University and Indiana University to build a distributed, multi-institutional storage infrastructure that will allow researchers at any of our three campuses to read, write, manage and share large amounts of data directly from their computing facility locations on each campus.


ConFlux is a cluster that seamlessly combines the computing power of HPC with the analytical power of data science.

Turbo Research Storage

Turbo is a high-capacity, fast, reliable, and secure data storage service that allows investigators across U-M to connect their data to the computing resources necessary for their research, including U-M’s Flux HPC cluster.

Armis (HIPAA-aligned HPC Cluster)

The Armis HPC cluster, in conjunction with Turbo Research Storage, provides a secure, scalable, and distributed computing environment that aligns with HIPAA privacy standards.


Globus is a robust cloud-based file transfer service designed to move many large files, ranging from 10s of GBs to 10s of TBs. ARC-TS is a Globus Provider for the U-M community, which allows some U-M resources to serve as endpoints for file transfers.