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Armis2 is available for general access

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U-M Armis2: Now available What is Armis2? The Armis2 service is a HIPAA-aligned, HPC platform for all University of Michigan researchers and is a successor to the current Armis cluster.…

Great Lakes Update: August 2019

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Great Lakes cluster is available for general access What is the current status of the Great Lakes cluster Now that we have completed Early User testing, the Great Lakes cluster…

Modular Data Center Electrical Work

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The MDC electrical work was completed successfully and Flux has been returned to full production.   The Modular Data Center (MDC), which houses Flux, Flux Hadoop, and other HPC resources,…

Great Lakes Update: March 2019

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ARC-TS previously shared much of this information through the December 2018 ARC Newsletter and on the ARC-TS website. We have added some additional details surrounding the timeline for Great Lakes…

February 17 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Generalized estimating equations in Python

GEE is an extension of the generalized linear modeling (GLM) framework for dependent data.  GEE can be used with longitudinal data, clustered data, and other forms of dependent data where…

February 18 @ 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Introduction to SAS: Basic Data Manipulating, Summarizing, and Graphing

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic statistical calculations and graphs is helpful. In this one-day, six-hour workshop we will discuss the basics of using SAS for data analysis. The workshop is held…

February 20 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

R by Example: Functional Programming with dplyr

In the R by Example series of workshops, we’ll discuss example analyses in R as a vehicle for learning  commonly used tools and programming patterns.  The “Functional Programming with dplyr” workshop will…

February 20 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Corelogic real estate data for research

The University of Michigan library system has licensed a large data set containing real estate transactions, deeds, and property tax records for the United States. The data were collected by…

ARC-TS Highlights

ARC-TS Year in Review
FY 2018-2019

Read about the progress ARC-TS has made in the past year in providing advanced computing resources and support to researchers across campus, including development of the new Great Lakes HPC cluster. View or download PDF.

U-M partners with Cavium on Big Data computing platform

A new partnership between the University of Michigan and Cavium Inc., a San Jose-based provider of semiconductor products, will create a powerful new Big Data computing cluster available to all U-M researchers.

The $3.5 million ThunderX computing cluster will enable U-M researchers to, for example, process massive amounts of data generated by remote sensors in distributed manufacturing environments, or by test fleets of automated and connected vehicles.

The cluster will run the Hortonworks Data Platform providing Spark, Hadoop MapReduce and other tools for large-scale data processing.

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Learn about data science infrastructure and consulting resources

ARC-TS Director Brock Palen and CSCAR Director Kerby Shedden speak at the MIDAS 2017 Research Forum

ARC-TS expands data-science platform

ARC-TS has expanded its data science computing platform, giving all U-M researchers new capabilities to host structured and unstructured databases, and to ingest, store, query and analyze large datasets.

The new platform features a flexible, robust and scalable database environment, and a set of data pipeline tools that can ingest and process large amounts of data from sensors, mobile devices and wearables, and other sources of streaming data. The platform leverages the advanced virtualization capabilities of ARC-TS’s Yottabyte Research Cloud (YBRC) infrastructure, and is supported by U-M’s Data Science Initiative launched in 2015.

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MDST team

Flux cluster available to undergraduates

Service available at no cost

Under ARC-TS’s new Flux for Undergraduates program, student groups and individuals with faculty sponsors can access Flux for free.

ARC-TS Overview and Update on Storage Services and Development of the Great Lakes HPC Cluster

ARC-TS Director Brock Palen speaks at a DDN Storage event at the SC18 conference in Dallas.

Yottabyte Research Cloud able to accept HIPAA-aligned data

ARC-TS is pleased to announce that the Yottabyte Research Cloud (YBRC) computing platform is now HIPAA-compliant. This means that YBRC and its associated services can accept restricted data, enabling secure data analysis on Windows and Linux virtual desktops as well as secure hosting of databases and data ingestion.

The new capability ensures the security of restricted data through the creation of firewalled network enclaves, allowing HIPAA-aligned data to be analyzed safely and securely in YBRC’s flexible, robust and scalable environment.   Within each network enclave, researchers have access to Windows and Linux virtual desktops that can contain any software required for their analysis pipeline.

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