ARC Connect [] allows researchers to access the computing power of U-M High Performance Computing (HPC) resources interactively and graphically using a web browser or a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) client. This graphical user interface enables easy use of desktop versions of popular software programs like Matlab and R, backed by the high performance and large memory capabilities of the University of Michigan clusters.

Use ARC Connect if you need to:

  • Very easily, interactively, use graphical software on HPC clusters (currently only Flux).
  • Do high performance, interactive visualizations.
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues on HPC-driven research.
  • Use HPC in teaching.

U-M researchers need a Flux account and allocation, and Duo authentication to use ARC Connect; collaborators just need multi-factor web authentication through their home institution.

Contact for help.

ARC Connect is an enhanced version of the TACC / XSEDE Visualization Portal, and has been made possible at the University of Michigan through a collaboration between ARC – Technology Services and the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas.

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