The web application is not working

Although ARC Connect is a new service at U-M, the web application is very old and is in the process of being rewritten.  Occasionally, the web application won’t display things correctly or the controls on the web page will become unresponsive.  When this happens, please try the following things one at a time until you find one that fixes the problem:

  1. Hold down the Shift key while clicking on the Reload button ⟳ in your browser’s toolbar to do a “force-reload”, and see if this fixes the problem. (Detailed instructions)
  2. Clear all browsing data (cache, cookies, private data), completely quit your web browser, start the web browser again, and see if this fixes the problem. (Detailed instructions)
  3. Try a different web browser and/or a different computer or tablet.
  4. If the steps above do not solve the problem, please send an email describing the problem to

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and earlier won’t work with ARC Connect at all.  Either upgrade Internet Explorer to a newer version or use a different web browser.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 should work with ARC Connect but has not been tested, but Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 would be a better choice.

How can I upload or download files?

The best way to upload or download files if you are using any cluster except for Armis is to set up Globus Connect Personal.

You can also upload/download files by using either SFTP or scp either via the command line (if you are using MacOS X and Linux) or using a program such as Cyberduck, FileZilla, or WinSCP.  For details, please see the documentation for Transfer Hosts in the user guide for the ARC-TS cluster you are using (Flux, Armis).

If you are running a Jupyter job via ARC Connect, there is limited file upload/download functionality available through the Jupyter dashboard: The “Upload” button will let you upload one file at a time, and you can click on the name of a file in order to view or download it.  If you click on a file and a new tab opens to let you view the file, go to the File -> Download menu in order to download it instead.

Limited file upload/download functionality is also available in RStudio Server jobs.

How can I load software modules?

Add the software modules you want to load to your default module set before starting your ARC Connect job.  You can do this either by using SSH to log in to a login node, or by doing it from inside an ARC Connect VNC job.  For details, see Setting your default modules.

As a special case, if you want to load software modules for use in a single-node VNC job, you can load those modules from a Terminal window in the VNC job after starting the VNC job.

TurboVNC on Microsoft Windows can’t connect.

If you are trying to use TurboVNC 2.0.1 or later on a Microsoft Windows computer and get the error message “No suitable authentication schemes offered by the server”, run C:\Program Files\TurboVNC\vncviewer-java.bat. The error occurs when you run vncviewer.exe or cvncviewer.exe instead of vncviewer-java.bat.

If you do not already have Java installed on your computer, you may need to download and install Java from If you do this, be sure to opt out of any browser toolbars or additional “bundled products” that Oracle may include in the Java installer.

If you are using a version of TurboVNC older than 2.0.1 on a Microsoft Windows computer, you will need to upgrade to TurboVNC 2.0.1 or later by downloading it from

How can I turn off the emails I get when a job ends?

There is currently no way to turn these emails off when using ARC Connect.  The emails contain information about the amount of memory used by your job, which is useful for knowing how much memory to request for future jobs.  If your job is unexpectedly terminated, the emails will also contain information about why your job was terminated.

Some researchers may prefer to set up mail filters to automatically tag or file these messages so the messages will never show up in their inboxes.

When I click on something, why do I sometimes get asked to select my institution again?

This happens when your either your Shibboleth login session expires, or when your CILogon credentials expires.  To avoid this, check the checkbox to remember your jobs on each of the two “Select your organization” pages.

Why do I sometimes wind up on the Sessions tab without clicking on it?

This happens when your Shibboleth login session or CILogon credentials are automatically renewed.  Click on the tab you want to use.

Can I use ARC Connect with other ARC-TS clusters?

  • Flux: Yes.
  • Data Science Platform (Big Data / Hadoop): Yes:
    • Start a VNC job and then either:
      • Run Data Science Platform commands in a Terminal window, or
      • Run an application that supports Data Science Platform
    • Start a Jupyter job and load the appropriate packages for Data Science Platform in a notebook (for example, pyspark for Python notebooks, SparkR for R, or appropriate Pig/Hive packages).
    • Start an R job and the load the appropriate packages for Data Science Platform.
  • Armis: No.  ARC Connect for Armis should be available in the near future.
  • Yottabyte: No.