RStudio Server is a web application that provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for R running on an ARC-TS cluster.  It includes a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, as well as tools for plotting, history, debugging and workspace management.  While RStudio provides an easy way to use R on ARC-TS clusters, it does not currently include sharing or collaboration features.  If you need to share or collaborate with other researchers, consider using an R notebook in Jupyter.


Starting and ending RStudio jobs

To start an RStudio job, follow the steps in Starting a job.

NOTE: RStudio can currently use only a single node.  If you request multiple nodes for an RStudio job, RStudio itself will use only the first node.


As a consequence of the above, Rmpi currently does not work with RStudio.  If you have a need to use Rmpi with RStudio, please contact to explore possible options.

TIP: You can select the version of R that you want to use with RStudio by adding it to your default module set.  If you install your own version of R in your ARC-TS cluster home directory, you can create your own software module in order to use your own version of R with RStudio.

Once your job has started, you will see the following in the Job tab:


You can then use the green “Open in Browser” button to open RStudio in another web browser tab.

When you are done using RStudio, you should use the RStudio File -> Save menu to save your work, then use File -> Quit RStudio.  Close the RStudio web browser tab, go to the ARC Connect “Job” tab, and click the red “Terminate RStudio” button to end the RStudio job.