Armis2 Rates

The 2019-20 rates for the Armis2 cluster have been approved. These rates represent cost recovery for the Armis2 Cluster, and do not include any support your unit may choose to provide.

Partition Rate Per Minute Rate Per Month CPU Unit Memory Unit GPU Unit
standard/debug/viz $0.000511111  $22.08 1 7 gigabytes N/A
largemem $0.001437269  $62.09 1 26.89 gigabytes N/A
gpu $0.005167361  $223.23 5 15 gigabytes

The monthly rate is based on a 30-day month; per-minute rates are included for reference. Charges are based on the percentage of the machine your job requests (in terms of the amount of cores, memory, and GPUs) and its actual runtime. 

The Medical School and School of Public Health (while funds last) will cost-share 44% of the Armis 2 rates for sponsored research accounts for researchers in these units who are paying to use Armis 2 on unit shortcodes.

ARC-TS is working on providing a command-line and web-based method to calculate job charges to assist you in cost estimation. 

Example jobs and their charges¹

To help illustrate how the job charges work, here are some examples of differently-sized jobs.

Partition Total CPUs Used Total Memory Used Total GPUs Used Cost Per Minute
standard 1 1 GB N/A $0.000511
standard 1 10 GB N/A $0.000730
standard 24 5 GB N/A $0.012267 
standard 50 GB N/A $0.008762
largemem 1 120 GB N/A $0.006413  
gpu 1 10 GB 1 $0.005167 

¹The charges above have been rounded for readability.

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Order Service

To request an account, please email us at

Users need to request a user login to access the cluster. All users must have been granted access to an account before a user login can be created. Be sure to have a shortcode that you are authorized to use, a list of uniqnames of the users who should be able to use the account. a list of uniqnames of the administrators who are authorized to make changes to the account. If you had a pilot account, you can optionally use the same administrative group, the school or college you are a part of, and any limits that you want to set on the account (such as a spending limit or resources usage limits).

If you have questions about gaining access to an account (or getting a trial account), please email

Please see the Terms of Usage for more information.

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