Beta is the Linux-based high-performance computing (HPC) test cluster available to all researchers at the University of Michigan.  Beta will provide a testing environment for the transition to a new job scheduler, Slurm. Slurm will be used on Great Lakes; the Armis HIPAA-aligned cluster; and a new resource called “Lighthouse” which will succeed the Flux Operating Environment in early 2019.

Currently, Flux and Armis use the Torque (PBS) resource manager and the Moab scheduling system; when completed, Great Lakes and Lighthouse will use the Slurm scheduler and resource manager, which will enhance the performance and reliability of the new resources. Armis will transition from Torque to Slurm in early 2019.

The Beta test cluster is available to all Flux users, who can login via ssh at ‘’. Beta has its own /home directory, so users will need to create or transfer any files they need, via scp/sftp or Globus.

Slurm commands will be needed to submit jobs. For a comparison of Slurm and Torque commands, see our Torque to Slurm migration page.

Beta consists of 20 compute nodes and eight K20x GPUs on one node for testing GPU workloads.  Each of the standard nodes have 16 AVX cores (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz) and 62 GB of RAM, interconnected with 40Gb/s InfiniBand networking.

Beta is intended only for non-commercial, academic research and instruction. It is specifically suited to testing scripts and is also not intended for production-level research.  No PHI or sensitive data may be stored or processed.

Getting Access:

All HPC users with Flux accounts should have access. If you need an HPC User account, please fill out the form here.  To login, please ssh to

For technical support, please email

For additional information on using Beta:

Getting Access

Beta is intended for small-scale testing to convert Torque/PBS scripts to Slurm. No sensitive data of any type should be used on Beta.

To request:

Fill out the ARC-TS HPC account request form.

Because this is a test platform, there is no cost for using Beta.

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