The Cavium Thunder X Hadoop cluster is a next-generation Hadoop cluster available to researchers at the University of Michigan.  The Cavium Thunder X cluster is an on-campus resource that currently holds 3 PB of storage for researchers to approach and analyze data science problems.

The cluster consists of 40 servers each containing 96 ARMv8 cores and 512 GB of RAM per server.  It is made possible though a partnership with Cavium.

The Cavium Thunder X platform is currently available as a pilot platform for researchers, with no associated charges.  The cluster provides a different service level than most cloud-based Hadoop offerings, including:

  • high-bandwidth data transfer to and from other campus data storage locations with no data transfer costs
  • very high-speed inter-node connections using 40Gb/s Ethernet.

The cluster provides 1 PB of total disk space, 40GbE inter-node networking, and Hadoop 2.7.2 with Spark 2 and Hive 2. For more information, contact

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