ARC-TS Collections and Endpoints

ARCTS Collections and Endpoints 

ARC-TS Service Globus Name
Great Lakes cluster umich#greatlakes
LightHouse cluster  umich#lighthouse
Armis2 Cluster  umich#armis
Sensitive Data Turbo Volumes Sensitive Turbo Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Turbo Volumes  Non-Sensitive Turbo Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Locker Volumes  umich#flux
Data Den umich#flux
MBox  UMich Box Collection

Search for the collections when you wish to transfer files amoung endpoints, including your own Personal Connect Endpoint.  You can bookmark these for latter reuse without having to search.

ARC-TS has made MBox available via Globus as a means to help enable migration of data held in Box to other UM resources as Box support is being discontinued.