Globus Connect Personal

Globus Connect Personal allows you to transfer files to and from personal desktop and laptop computers. Globus online allows for simple installation for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

If you have a need to share data from your desktop or laptop with research collaborators add “University of Michigan” as your Globus Plus Sponsor in your Globus Account Settings.

Please be sure you have your set as your contact email address in your profile. Note this is not required for normal Collections/Endpoints provided by ARC-TS.

  1. Click on username menu top right
  2. Choose Globus Plus
  3. Choose get Globus Plus or if already a Plus member with another institution choose add another provider
  4. Find and click radio box for “University of Michigan” in the list. Advanced research computing will be notified of your request after clicking Continue

Once your request is approved, Globus Plus will allow you to create share links to your own Globus Connect Personal client.  These are also known as guest collections. Be advised, if you allow write access your local hard drive can be inadvertently filled.

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