LSA funding for instructional use of Flux

An LSA pilot program funds use of Flux by LSA classes (instructional use of Flux). Any LSA faculty member can apply to receive a Flux allocation paid for by LSA to use in the classroom. Each application is for a single term only; if a class will be using Flux for multiple terms, the instructor must apply for the LSA-funded class Flux allocation each term. Since funding is limited and since it can take a while to install new software on Flux that may be needed for the course, faculty are encouraged to apply as early as possible (two months or more before the start of the term is ideal, although we can also accept applications after a term has started).

To apply for an LSA-funded class Flux allocation, the faculty member teaching the class should send the following information to

  1. Course name, course number, and academic term.
  2. Approximate number of students who will be enrolled in the course.
  3. A two to three sentence description of how Flux will be used in the course.
  4. Which Flux service(s) are being requested (Standard Flux, Larger Memory Flux, or GPU Flux).
  5. For each month of the course, the number of Flux cores requested.  The number of cores can vary based on when students will be using Flux and when assignment/project due dates are.  LSA Flux support staff can meet with you to help determine how many cores will be needed each month, based on how many students are in the class and what number/length/type of jobs the students will be running.  (Example response: “0 cores in September, 24 cores in October, and 64 cores in each of November and December.”)
  6. Is there any special software that LSA Flux support staff should install on Flux for the course, or any other special setup or resources the class will need?
  7. Would you like LSA Flux support staff to give a guest lecture on how to use Flux?  If so, approximately when in the term?

Please send any questions about instructional use of Flux to