Cluster Defaults and Partition Limits

Armis2 Cluster Defaults

Cluster Defaults Default Value
Default Walltime 60 minutes
Default Memory Per CPU 768 MB
Default Number of CPUs

no memory specified: 1 core
Memory specified: memory/768 = # of cores (rounded down)

/scratch file deletion policy

60 days without being accessed.  (see SCRATCH STORAGE POLICIES below)

/scratch quota per root account

10 TB storage limit

/home quota per user

80 GB

Max queued jobs per user per account


Shell timeout if idle:

2 hours

Armis2 Partition Limits

Partition Limit standard gpu largemem
Max Walltime 2 weeks
Max running Mem per root account 5160 GB
2210 GB
Max running CPUs per root account 1032 cores
84 cores
Max running GPUs per root account n/a 10 Tesla K40m n/a

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