Additions and subtractions of software packages

The list below will be updated as the packages on Flux change.


Date Change
26 Jan 2018 RStudio Desktop 1.1.419 is now available, in addition to older versions.  To use it, start a VNC or X Windows session and then run
module load R
module load RStudio-desktop
26 Jan 2018 RStudio in ARC Connect has been upgraded from version 1.1.201 to version 1.1.419.
24 Dec 2017 Maple will no longer be licensed by Flux. The campus site license will remain in effect, so if you need to use Maple on Flux or Armis, please contact to inquire whether your unit can provide you access to a license.
1 Nov 2017 The Nitro high-throughput job manager package will no longer be available as of 1 Nov, 2017. Please contact if you would like help finding an alternative.
19 Oct 2017 The license manager for the Intel compilers was upgraded to accommodate the 2018 release of the Intel compilers.
4 Oct 2017 GCC version 7.2.0 was installed on Flux in response to a user request. To use it,
$ module load gcc/7.2.0

This will make gcc, g++, and gfortran available.

24 Aug 2017 Gurobi version 7.5.1 has been installed. To use it,
$ module load gurobi/7.5.1
24 Aug 2017 R version 3.4.1, Single Candle, has been installed. It is not the default version. To use the new version you will need to
$ module load R/3.4.1

We will make R version 3.4.1 the default version on 30 Sep, 2017 if there are no reported problems.

12 Jul 2017 The default version of CUDA was changed from 7.5 to 8.0.44 during summer maintenance, as announced.
12 Jul 2017 The default version of R was changed from 3.3.0 to 3.3.3 during summer maintenance, as announced.
12 Jul 2017 The default version of Mathematica was changed from 10.3.1 to 11.1.0 during summer maintenance, as announced.
12 Jul 2017 By user request, Anaconda3 4.4.0 was installed to provide Python 3.6.
$ module load python-anaconda3/latest-3.6

This module is temporary and will be removed on August 21 at which time the module python-anaconda3/latest will be upgraded. The default version of the python-anaconda3 module continues to provide Python 3.5.

13 Jun 2017 MATLAB, version R2017a, has been installed. R2016a remains the default version, so to load the new version, you must load it explicitly.
$ module load matlab/R2017a
6 Jun 2017 Julia, version 0.5.2, has been installed. Version 0.4.6 remains the default version, so to load the new version, you must load it explicitly.
$ module load julia/0.5.2

The new version was installed at the request of a user.

26 Apr 2017 SAS version 9.4 TS1M4 has been made the default version. The prior version was SAS 9.4 TS1, which can be used by loading it explicitly with
$ module load sas/9.4

The new version was installed to provide bug fixes and new features requested by a user.

25 Apr 2017 python-anaconda has been updated and new defaults set. If you wish to use the old default versions, they are the /201607 versions. The new default versions are the /201704 versions.
19 Apr 2017 RStudio Desktop has been installed on Flux and Armis. This makes it possible to use RStudio via VNC sessions and X forwarding, in addition to using it via ARC Connect. To start RStudio Desktop, run the following commands:
$ module load RStudio-desktop
$ rstudio
18 Apr 2017 ARC Connect RStudio was upgraded from 1.0.44 to 1.1.201.
7 Apr 2017 Matlab 2016a was updated to include toolboxes added to the license.
1 Apr 2017 Due to declining use across the university, the units that contributed to the University’s NAG site license are not renewing it this year. As a consequence, software that depends on the NAG libraries will no longer run on Flux as of 1 Apr, 2017, and the NAG compiler will also no longer be available. Please contact if you have questions.
23 Mar 2017 R and Rmpi 3.3.3 were installed. In both cases the default version remains 3.3.0. To load the new version,
$ module load R/3.3.3

$ module load Rmpi/3.3.3

You must load one or the other. The example files for the R doParallel and doMPI libraries, where the latter is the multimachine version of the former, can be found at /scratch/data/examples/R/doParallel.

doMPI_example.pbs  doParallel_example.pbs  sincMPI.pbs
doMPI_example.R    doParallel_example.R    sincMPI.R
23 Mar 2017 Mathematica 11.1.0 was installed and a module added as an upgrade. The default version remains 10.3. To load the new version
$ module load mathematica/11.1.0
22 Feb 2017 SAS 9.4 TS1M4 was installed and a module added for it to correct for missing PROC EXPORT features in the earlier installation. This is also an update with bug fixes, and all users are encouraged to use it in preference to the prior installation. We will make this the default version Apr 27, 2017, at the conclusion of the Winter academic semester. The new version can be loaded with
$ module load sas/9.4-TS1M4
11 Feb 2017 Matlab R2013b was installed per a user request. It is not configured to use the MDCS. That is, it can only use parallel workers using the local profile, which restricts it to use on a single, physical node.
11 Jan 2017 The operating system upgrade raised an incompatibility with only the version 16 family of Intel compilers, which were the default version. New software would not compile, though it seems in our testing, that compiled software will run. It is only compilation that is affected. We updated to the 2017 version Intel compilers and rebuilt the most common supporting software. The following are now the Intel default module versions.
Please change any module load commands to reflect these changes.