Flux “Try Before You Buy” Policy

To facilitate Flux usage, ARC offers a brief trial period for its HPC cluster. This trial period is intended to allow you to confirm that the operations of Flux will meet your needs. It is not intended for production runs, training purposes, or anything that is not an exercise to confirm that the service as provided will meet your needs.

The trial period will consist of an allocation of 16 cores for 14 days on Flux. ARC will make up to four concurrent trial allocations available at a time subject to resource availability; if there are more than four concurrent requests, we will maintain a queue of trial allocations scheduled into the future on a first-come, first-served basis.

A trial allocation is available to any PI once. After having one trial allocation, all usage of Flux must be funded at the current rate. In the event of a significant change in the Flux architecture or system, with special permission from ARC, or for other rare circumstances, this restriction may be lifted.

To request a trial allocation, contact your local Flux support person or email flux-support@umich.edu.

Un/Scheduled Outages and Allocation Balances

Owning a computer or participating in a shared system includes tolerating periodic outages, both scheduled and unscheduled.

In the case of Flux, an outage can have a noticeable negative effect on short allocations, removing a significant fraction of what the person has paid for.

To compensate for outages that would cause the loss of 3% or more of an allocation, those allocations will have their end date (but not their allocation amount) extended by an amount equal to the outage.

For allocations that will lose less than 3% of their time, the outage is considered “normal operations” and the allocations will not be compensated.

Account Expiration

Flux accounts will be expired if the account is associated with an allocation that has been inactive for six months. In addition, we will derive account validity from MCommunity affiliation data or other ITS data sources and expire accounts up to four times per year based on that.

Account expiration means that user access is revoked and all data owned by that user is removed.

Flux On Demand

Flux on Demand users are limited to 25 cores.