The first step is to estimate how large an allocation you will need. Material on planning for and funding a Flux allocation can be found on our Planning a Flux Allocation page.

To create a Flux allocation, send email to with this information:

  • the number of cores needed
  • the type of cores needed (standard memory [4GB/core] or larger memory [25GB/core])
  • the start date and number of months for the allocation
  • the shortcode for the funding source
  • the list of people who should have access to the allocation
  • the list of people who can change the user list and augment or end the allocations

The first time you request an allocation we will create a Flux project for you; the name of the project follows the format _flux; if you have multiple projects, we will add a number after the Uniqname (e.g., powell1_flux).

Most Flux allocations are created within one business day.

Once an allocation has been obtained, user accounts for each user must be created in order to access Flux.

To create a new user account, fill out this form.

To be eligible to have an account on the cluster, you must have a current affiliation with the University or become a Sponsored Academic Affiliate. You must also have a valid email address listed in Mcommunity.

Instructions for updating one’s email address in the directory are available at: