Login nodes

The login nodes are the front end to the cluster. They are accessible from the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campus IP addresses and from the UM VPN network only and require a valid user account and a Duo two-factor authentication account to log in. Login nodes are a shared resource and, as such, it is expected that users do not monopolize them.

Login nodes for flux

The Flux login nodes are accessible via the following hostnames.

  • flux-login.arc-ts.umich.edu
    will connect you to the general Flux login hosts
  • flux-campus-login.arc-ts.umich.edu
    will connect you to the login hosts that can run software that requires you be on campus.

Policies governing the login nodes

Appropriate uses for the login nodes:

  • Transferring small files to and from the cluster
  • Creating, modifying, and compiling code and submission scripts
  • Submitting and monitoring the status of jobs
  • Testing executables to ensure they will run on the cluster and its infrastructure. Processess are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes of CPU time to prevent runaway processes and over use.

Any other uses of the login nodes may result in the termination of the process in violation. Any production processes (including post processing) should be submitted through the batch system to the cluster. If interactive use is required then you should submit an interactive job to the cluster.

Transfer hosts

The transfer hosts are available for users to transfer data to and from Flux. Connections are limited to SCP and SFTP and interactive logins are not allowed. Currently the transfer hosts have 10 Gbps connections to the network, which is much faster than connections to the login nodes. Connections to the transfer hosts are allowed from the same networks as are the login nodes.

Transfer hosts for flux

  • flux-xfer.arc-ts.umich.edu

Supported sftp and scp clients