Great Lakes FAQ

1. What is Great Lakes?

Great Lakes is an ARC-TS managed HPC cluster available to faculty (PIs) and their students/researchers.  All computational work is scheduled via the Slurm resource manager and task scheduler.  For detailed hardware information, see the configuration page.  Great Lakes is not suitable for HIPAA or other sensitive data.

2. What forms do I need to fill out?

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) needs to request a Slurm account, specifying users that can access the account, the people which can administer that account, and payment details.
  2. Each user given access to the account must request a user login.  Please refer to the Great Lakes User Guide for additional steps and usage information.

3. How do I view the resource usage on my account?

To view TRES (Trackable RESource) utilization by user or account, use the following commands (substitute bold variables):

Shows TRES usage by all users on account during date range:
sreport cluster UserUtilizationByAccount start=mm/dd/yy end=mm/dd/yy account=test --tres type
Shows TRES usage by specified user(s) on account during date range:
sreport cluster UserUtilizationByAccount start=mm/dd/yy end=mm/dd/yy users=un1,un2 account=test --tres type
Lists users alphabetically along with TRES usage and total during date range:
sreport cluster AccountUtilizationByUser start=mm/dd/yy end=mm/dd/yy tree account=test --tres type
Possible TRES types:


To view disk usage and availability by user, type:

home-quota -u uniqname

For more reporting options, see the Slurm sreport documentation.

4. What is a “root (_root) account”?

Each PI or project has a collection of Slurm accounts which could be used for different purposes (e.g. different grants or focuses of research) with different users.  These Slurm accounts are contained within the PI/project’s root account (e.g. research_root).  For example:


These accounts can have different limits on them, and are also collectively limited for /scratch usage and overall cluster usage.

If you have a problem not listed here, please send an email to

Great Lakes Glossary (coming soon)

Order Service

Great Lakes will be free of charge until November, 25th 2019.  Current Flux accounts and logins have been added to Great Lakes.  If you need a new Great Lakes login, fill out this form.

If you do not have a Flux account and would like to create a Great Lakes account or have any questions, please contact with lists of users, admins, and a shortcode.