Great Lakes Known Issues

Known issues

* Scheduling of jobs is slow. Small jobs which should start quickly aren't
* Job emails do not work for job arrays
* Jupyter notebook path restricted to the filesystem where you launched it (e.g. /home or /scratch)
* More details for job-related emails coming
* Cannot get GPU when using Open OnDemand Remote Desktop when submitting to GPU partition

Completed/Fixed Issues

* No transfer hosts ( 2019-08-04 )
* Jupyter Notebooks now work with /home ( 2019-08-08 )
* Campus network access via IPoIB not available (2019-08-01)
* /scratch temporarily unavailable (2019-08-14)
* No on-campus compute or login available ( 2019-08-21 )
If you have a problem not listed here, please send an email to

Order Service

Great Lakes will be free of charge until November, 25th 2019.  Current Flux accounts and logins have been added to Great Lakes.  If you need a new Great Lakes login, fill out this form.

If you do not have a Flux account and would like to create a Great Lakes account or have any questions, please contact with a list of users and admins.