Locker Configuration

Locker consists of two DDN GS14KX-E Gridscaler clusters running IBM Spectrum Scale. Each cluster is located in different data centers with dedicated fiber for data replication between the two sites. Each GS14KX-E cluster can hold 1680 hard drives for capacity of 10PB usable using 8TByte drives. Each hard drive is 7200RPM self encrypting and can be added to the system online. If at capacity additional GS14KX-E can be clustered to add additional performance and capacity.

By not including dedicated metadata or flash/NVMe storage we are able to keep the cost of Locker lower than other solutions such at Turbo. Thus Locker will not perform well with small IO operations and is built for capacity. Thus why we offer both services. The GS14KX-E does have support for adding NVMe/Flash for meta-data and tiering at a later date should the price of such devices become more reasonable.

Locker is directly connected to the Data Den archive via dedicated data movers and to the ARC-TS research network by two IBM Cluster Export Services (CES) nodes or Protocol Nodes. Each CES node is connected with 100Gbps network connections and work in an active-active high availability configuration. Outside the ARC-TS network performance is limited to 40Gbps from the campus backbone.