COMSOL Multiphysics is a general-purpose software platform, based on advanced numerical methods, for modeling and simulating physics-based problems.


COMSOL is restricted to use by persons physically located on the UM Ann Arbor campus at the time of use or job submission. Please send inquiries about restrictions to

COMSOL can only be run from the login node and in the flux-oncampus queue, which is attached to a separate pool of compute nodes. Special arrangements may need to be made to increase the size of the pool available to the flux-oncampus queue, so please contact us ahead of time. It could take up to one week to expand the pool, if necessary.

You must change the queue in your PBS script to read

#PBS -q flux-oncampus

See below for an fuller example of a PBS script for COMSOL.

COMSOL use is restricted to a single machine – no large scale, multiprocessing or multimachine use is supported.

Accessing COMSOL

To access the default version of COMSOL, use

$ module load comsol

Running COMSOL from PBS

####  PBS preamble
#PBS -N comsol_test
#PBS -m abe

#PBS -l procs=1,mem=1gb
#PBS -j oe

#PBS -A example_flux
#PBS -l qos=flux
#PBS -q flux-oncampus

####  End PBS preamble
#  Include the next three lines always
if [ -e "${PBS_NODEFILE}" ] ; then
   # contains a list of the CPUs you were using if run with PBS
   uniq -c $PBS_NODEFILE
#  Put your job commands after this line
comsol -batch ...