FDTD Solutions is a 3D Maxwell solver, capable of analyzing the interaction of UV, visible, and IR radiation with complicated structures employing wavelength scale features.


FDTD Solutions is available to researchers or research groups who have purchased a license for use on Flux.


FDTD Solutions is part of the LSA contributed software library. To use it, you must load the software module:

module load fdtd-solutions


Running from PBS

Use the followiung PBS script.  Be sure to replace “fdtd_group” below with the name you were assigned when your lab purchased a license, as well as change your uniqname, resource account name, resource requests, and FSP file directory name appropriately.

#PBS -N fdtd_example
#PBS -l procs=8,pmem=1000mb,walltime=02:00:00
#PBS -l gres=fdtd_group:1
#PBS -A example_flux
#PBS -q flux
#PBS -m abe
#PBS -j oe
echo "I ran on:"
cd ~/path/to/your/fsp-files

# Use mpirun to run with 8 cores
mpirun fdtd-engine-impi-lcl *.fsp

Additional information

Additional information is available on the FDTD Solutions web site at For any Flux-specific assistance running FDTD Solutions, contact