Loading MATLAB

Matlab can be loaded with the module command, as in,

$ module load matlab

which will load the default version of the matlab module. To see which versions of Matlab are installed, use

$ module keyword matlab

Once the matlab module is loaded, the matlab command will be available.

Running MATLAB

Running your Matlab program from a Slurm batch script (.sbat) is usually done with a line like this, where your Matlab program is in my_program.m in the current directory.

matlab -nodisplay -r "my_program ; exit"

The -r option instructs matlab to run the command(s) that follow. The example above shows how to run more than one command, with the ; as the matlab command terminator. You could use -r my_program without the exit, however, if your Matlab script does not contain the exit command, then Matlab will complete my_program.m and wait for input until your job runs out of time and is terminated.

You do NOT want that to happen; you will be paying for that wait time, and if Matlab does not exit properly, it may leave files around that will interfere with future sessions.