Star-CCM+ is available as part of the Flux software portfolio. Available versions can be displayed using

$ module av starccm
------------------------- /sw/coe/centos7/modulefiles --------------------------
   starccm/11.04.010-R8 (D) starccm/11.04.010
   D: Default Module

Star-CCM+ is available in both a mixed- and double-precision version. Most people seem to use the mixed-precision version. The double-precision version will have the -R8 suffix on the end of the module version number.
A specific version can loaded by specifying the name and version number on the load request.

$ module load starccm/11.04.010-R8


Specifying Job Resources

Star-CCM+ jobs must be run using one core or whole nodes to guarantee good run time performance. A small job using a single core would include this line in the PBS script:

#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1

Larger jobs need whole nodes and must use one of these lines with the nodes value increase as needed:

#PBS -l nodes=1:nehalem:ppn=12
#PBS -l nodes=1:sandybridge:ppn=16
#PBS -l nodes=1:ivybridge:ppn=20
#PBS -l nodes=1:haswell:ppn=24

While the number of nodes may be increased, the rest of the line should remain the same.

PBS Example

Here is an example of a PBS script. Please make sure to change the e-mail address and the account information before attempting to submit it.

#### PBS preamble
#PBS -N starccm_job
## Update the next line with your email:
#PBS -M uniqname@umich.edu
#PBS -m abe
## Request 2 sandybridge nodes each with 16 cores for a total of 32 cores
#PBS -l nodes=2:sandybridge:ppn=16
#PBS -l pmem=4000mb
#PBS -j oe
## Update the next line with your allocation account:
#PBS -A example_flux
#PBS -l qos=flux
#PBS -q flux
#### End PBS preamble

if [ -s "$PBS_NODEFILE" ] ; then
    echo "Running on"
    uniq -c $PBS_NODEFILE

if [ -d "$PBS_O_WORKDIR" ] ; then
    echo "Running from $PBS_O_WORKDIR"
# Run star-ccm+
#    "-batchsystem pbs" : Required for PBS on Flux
#    "-batch"           : Required for batch jobs
#    "start.java"       : Optional JAVA startup file
#    "intake.sim"       : Required Star-CCM+ input file
#    "> intake.log"     : Sends stdout to file "intake.log"
starccm+ -batchsystem pbs -batch start.java intake.sim > intake.log

You must also load the appropriate Star-CCM+ module prior to running: qsub starccm.pbs