Turbo is a high-capacity, fast, reliable, and secure data storage service that allows investigators across U-M to connect their data to the computing resources necessary for their research, including U-M’s Flux HPC cluster. Turbo supports storage of sensitive data and ARC-TS’s Armis cluster.

Turbo can only be used for research data. It is tuned for large files (1MB or greater) but is capable of handling small files such as documents, spreadsheets, etc. Turbo in combination with Globus sharing should work well for sharing and hosting data for external collaborators and institutes.

Turbo costs $19.20 per terabyte per month, or $230.40 per terabyte per year, for replicated data. The cost for unreplicated data is $9.60 per terabyte per month, or $115.20 per terabyte per year. A U-M shortcode is required to order.

Researchers in the Medical School and College of Literature, Science, and the Arts can take advantage of free or subsidized storage options through their respective academic units.

Order Service

To order Turbo, the following information is required:

  • Amount of storage needed (1TB increments)
  • MCommunity Group name (group members will receive service-related notification, and can request service changes)
  • Shortcode for billing
  • NFS
    • Hostnames or IP addresses for each permitted user on the wired U-M network. (If forward and reverse records exist in DNS, please use the fully qualified hostname. If the records do not exist, provide the IP address.)
    • Numeric user ID of person who will administer the top level Turbo directory and grant access to other users
  • CIFS
    • UMROOT AD Group Name
  • Specify if regulated or sensitive data will be use
  • Specify if your Turbo account should be accessible on the Flux HPC cluster

Fill out this form to order Turbo CIFS.

Fill out this form to order Turbo NFS.